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About our team


We are a cozy coworking space with comfortable desks and chairs, and high-speed internet.Furnished with a minimal, cozy, and green concept.

Our workspace is located in a good location in Chiang Mai - Thailand: Santitam. Santitham is becoming more and more popular among young travelers, and it’s more affordable and authentic Thai than other touristic parts of the city. Here you can find almost anything you want: Fresh food, bars, shopping center and many local shops.

Isn’t it more fun to live close to Thai cultural attractions, local bars, restaurants, and live like the locals do?

Coffee or cake lover? Don’t worry.

We also have a bakery which offers fresh coffee and delicious cakes in the building. Believe us, it will boost your energy during the day!

Last, but not least, our beautiful garden zone will make you feel close to the nature and reduce stress in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Distance from One workspace:

Driving distance 5-15 mins to Nimman and Maya shopping center, depending on the traffic.

Walking distance: 10 mins walk to Tannin Fresh market, or 5 mins walk to Top supermarket, 7 eleven or just a few steps to local restaurants.



ONE WORKSPACE was created in 2019 by a local group of eight friends who shared the same ideas, thoughts, and experience. These days, work lifestyle has changed from the old days. Not completely, but more and more companies are flexible about where their employees work from. People are used to work remotely, and many useful tools can easily help them to work efficiently. You can work anywhere, or anytime, as long as you get your job done!

We see more individuals who are self-employed, working for different employers or even small start-up companies like us ;) How nice it would be if we could share those ideas and experience together? Building connections, networks and get new friends, are some of our goals. So far, we have customers from more than 30 countries around the world!

The truth is that some of us were looking for a coworking space in Chiang Mai, but at that time we didn’t quite find what we were looking for. We ended up creating our own coworking space: “One workspace”. Together, we used our savings to create the workspace we really wanted to perform our work. It went quite far, right?

One Workspace was built on a cozy and calm concept. We also kept space for trees and flowers, so our customers have access to a relaxing area outside. Think about a warm cup of coffee, sitting with green plants around, and the sound of small birds. This atmosphere gives us a good start in the morning. So hopefully, you as a customer will like it too, and enjoy your working day at One Workspace!



Sineeporn, Thai lawer

Questions about visa or properties you can ask me.


Chitapan, Thai lawyer, Coordinator

I''ll help you get the best out of your stay in CNX.


Peeruetai, Marketing

Tell me what kind of event you like.


Karnpitcha, Customer Service

Call me if you have questions, or need something special.


Jaruwan, Accounting

My thing is all about numbers hehe.


Krittiya, Accounting

Higher sales please.


Krittikarn, Reception

I'm  going to smile to you every day, even on a rainy day.


I love doing IT stuff.

Per, IT consultant

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